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Penta Creme Blue

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Zingerman’s Pimento

An Ann Arbor favorite! This creamy, zesty cheese spread is made from grated 1-year cheddar, butter-soft roasted red peppers, black pepper, mayonnaise and a healthy dose of heat thanks to a sprinkle of cayenne.

P’tit Basque

Produced in the Basque region of France, this lovely cheese is made from pure pasteurized sheep’s milk. The small wheels are a side effect of the traditional method of making this cheese, in which

Patros (German Feta)

Cow milk fans never fear with this wonderful feta cheese made in Germany! Using exclusively cow’s milk, this creamy, crumbly Feta comes in large pucks for easy storage and use. Cow’s milk lends a

Provolone Colombo

A classic table cheese, provolone colombo is a mild, sweet treat. This semi-hard cow’s milk cheese originates in Italy, where the cheese is made under strict DOP supervision to ensure the best quality possible.

Raspberry Ale BellaVitano

A delicious twist on the classic, Raspberry Ale BellaVitano takes the nutty, sweet base of BellaVitano Gold and soaks it in Raspberry Tart ale. The ale-infused rind carries with it the bright notes of


For those who’s spice tolerance truly knows no bounds comes Rattlesnake. A cheddar from Deer Creek Creamery, known for its high quality cheddar cheeses, this cheese is a multi-level adventure that starts with a

Red Hawk

A cheese for the bold, Cowgirl Creamery’s Red Hawk backs down from nothing. This washed-rind, triple-creme cheese is aged only four weeks before it’s ready to eat. The aroma alone is a treat for