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Celebration! Cinema’s Celebrated Service Award

Posted on October 21, 2014 - Grand Rapids

The Cheese Lady Grand Rapids is so proud to be nominated once again for the Celebration! Cinema’s Celebrated Service Award!  The Celebrated Service award is given to one business in each of the Celebration! Cinema’s 6 markets: Grand Rapids, Muskegon, Benton Harbor, Lansing, and Portage.  Once nominated by one or more theatre in your area the public is invited to vote, and to help Celebrate great service in the community.  The Objectives of the award are:



To reignite a conversation about service throughout the company that leads to improving our own level of service to each other and to our guests.


Valuing Service

While we do not always get it right, it’s of a very high value to us. We’d like to engage the city in a clear simple message that great service should be valued.



To communicate to the community the value that we place on providing great service, and that it is something we aspire to be great at (without being boastful about where we are today).



To reignite a conversation about service throughout the community that leads to meaningful change; building equity for all who live in and visit our communities.


We look forward to find out what other businesses were nominated this year, we know the competition is fierce; we will be in good company!  Stay tuned to learn when and how to vote, and wish us luck!