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Meet the Monger – Jill

Posted on February 13, 2018 - Grand Rapids

Jill Marcusse

How long have you worked at the Cheese Lady? Since we opened in GR! (October 2012)

Favorite cheese (today) and what you like about it. Frans Hals – creamy goat’s milk gouda, never fails to make me say – ‘Oh Yeah!’

Favorite food/dish or recipe. Cheese, tomatoes, and pasta – can’t choose one.

Favorite Movie  – Shakespeare in Love

Favorite Book – Jack Gilbert’s “Collected Poems”

 Favorite Band – Jake and Jimmy (of course)

What do you like best about working at the Cheese Lady? I love hearing our customer’s stories, often travel sometimes childhood, of the unforgettable cheeses they’ve met

Personal tidbit of interest about you My get-away place (giant hut) is an old one-roomed school house where I was in the last kindergarten class.  My garden there is where the Maccabee Hall stood before it blew down, 1911.