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The perfect pairings. The Cheese Lady offers a wide variety of wines to compliment an array of cheeses.

View each location’s wine list below. Please note that this may not be a complete selection and not all locations offer wine.

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Muskegon Wine List

Pairing our Cheeses and Wines

Rule #1:  There are no rules, eat and drink what you like.

But if you yearn for a more organized and regimented approach, here are a few ideas to consider.

Complement or Contrast?

Like food pairings, matching wine with cheese can fall into two categories: complementary or contrasting.  Big, sharp, nutty cheeses paired with big, bold wines or mild, fresh cheeses paired with delicate, light bodied wines are both examples of complementary choices.  Think mild with mild, wild with wild.

Pairing an acidic or sparkling wine with a decadent triple-cream will cut through the über-creaminess of the cheese and sweeter wine will smooth out the salty, pungent edge of strong blues.  These are examples of contrasting flavors.

They both work, it just depends on what you want to experience.  Try complementing styles one time and contrasting another.  Experimenting with these concepts will reveal just how versatile and fun pairings can be.


Pairing cheese with wine from the same area is always a fun way to experience flavors from around the world. Think Spanish cheese with Spanish wine, French with French and so on.  This concept can be broken down even further into more localized offerings.  Goes with where it grows is a classic pairing technique that will really expand ones knowledge of regional cheeses and wines.

The Pairing List

The following list represents some wines that The Cheese Lady carries along with suggested cheese pairings.  Our wines sometimes change and so do our cheeses, so have this chart as a guideline and use the information to help you explore things that you might not otherwise consider.  Remember, it is wine and it is cheese – and even though we take them both very seriously, you shouldn’t.  The most important thing to remember is to have fun.  Sip….taste….savor….and enjoy!



Basic Profile

Try These Cheeses

Blanc de Camarsac White Bordeaux, Sauvignon Blanc Blue Castello, Bucherolle, Barber’s Cheddar, Drunken Goat, Brie
Domaine des Geneves Chablis Stainless steel, no oak, 100% Chardonnay Brie, Boucherolle, Cashel Blue, Cambozola, Cantalet, Cave-Aged
Gruyerre, Parmigiano-Reggiano, Prima Donna – Young and Aged
Barton & Geustier Vouvray Chenin Blanc, Loire Valley Blue Castello, Raclette, Brie, Cantalet, Feta
Trimbach Gewurztraminer Alsace, spicy, dry Fresh Chevre, Pecorino, Robiola, Prarie Rose, Emental
Bastide Cotes du Rhone Blanc Viognier, fresh, fruity, floral nose, balanced acidity Cambozola, Dunbarton Blue, Goat Gouda, Havarti
Picpoul de Pinet Delicate with good acidic structure & balance Delice de Bourgogne, Saint Angel, Cantalet, Taleggio
Cote Mas Blanc Mediterranee Dry, crisp, some fruitiness Havarti, Brie, Double Crème Gouda, Feta, Le Roule, Pyrenees
Saint-Hilaire Blanquette de Limoux Brut Think Champagne! Fromager d’Affinois, Delice de Bourgogne, Brillat-Savarin, Irish
Cheddar, Double Crème Gouda, Fresh Chevre, Le Roule
Chateau de Campuget Rosé Syrah, Grenache Noir, easy drinking, strawberry, cherry Fresh Chevre, Feta, Humbolt Fog, Le Roule, Grumpy Goat, Cantalet
Bourgogne Pinot Noir Domaine Nudant Lighter bodied, medium acidity, lower tannins Cantalet, Comte, Young Prima Donna, Boucherolle, Young Manchego
Les Trois Couronnes
Soft tannins, fruity, black cherry Barber’s Cheddar, Cantalet, Comte, Aged Prima Donna, Raclette, Cave- Aged Gruyere, Vlaskaas, Morbier, Mahon
Cotes-du-Rhone Les Trois Couronnes Rich with plums, blackberries, smooth tannins, big Cantalet, Bella Vitano Gold, Bleu d’Auvergne, Ewephoria
Domaine Bart Marsanny Les Finottes Burgundy, Pinot Noir, raspberry, cherry, oak, big Midnight Moon, Aged Prima Donna, Comte, Cave-Aged Gruyere
Cote Mas Rouge Intense Smooth, soft, ripe berries, easy drinker Smoked Gouda, Feta, Blue Castello, Aged Prima Donna, Cheddar
Fortant Cabernet Sauvignon Big black fruit, blueberry, violet Canadian Cheddar, Comte, Aged Prima Donna, Lamb Chopper



Basic Profile

Try These Cheeses

Dogajolo Toscano Bianco Refreshing, light, crisp apple, hint of honey, soft finish Fresh Mozzarella, Brie, Trugole, Cambozola, Burrata
Anselmi San Vincenzo Northern Italy, pear, apple, lemon, light-medium body Asiago, Taleggio, Bella Vitano, Le Roule, Trugole, Fontina Fontal
Abbazia di Novacella Bright, clean, juicy, mineral Podda Classico, Asiago, Taleggio, Parmegiano-Reggiano
Scalabrone Rosato Ripe cherries, herbs, fruity finish Trugole, Podda Classico, Piave Vecchio, Provolone, Bella Vitano
Dogajolo Toscano Rosso Sangiovese, fruity, soft palate, cherry, vanilla, spice Asiago, Fontina Fontal, Piave, Provolone, Pecorino, Parmigiano
Villa di Vetrice Chianti Rufina Balanced tannins, good acidity Parmigiano-Reggiano, Pecorino, Piave Vecchio, Aged Provolone
Franco Serra Barbera d’Alba Berry, balsamic, light tannin Fontina Fontal, Taleggio, Ossau-Iraty, Piave, Pecorino
Layer Cake Primitivo Black fruit, white pepper, lush, big Asiago, Pecorino, Piave, Ewephoria, Balarina, Aged Prima Donna
Santa Cristina Sangiovese Black cherry, violet, velvety, medium tannins Parmigiano-Reggiano, Fontina Fontal, Pecorino, Provolone



Basic Profile

Try These Cheeses

Marques de Irun Verdejo Citrus, mineral, nectarine, zesty acidity, slightly bitter finish Fresh Chevre, Humbolt Fog, Brie, Garroxta, Young Manchego
Martin Codax Albarino Crisp, dry, apple, pear, bright acidity Young Manchego, Brie, Cambozola, Le Roule, Goat Gouda
Gazela Vihno Verde – Portugal Lime, green apple, peach, medium-high acidity, slight bubbles Brie, French Feta, Young Manchego, Mahon, Double Crème Gouda
La Vendimia Rioja Garnacha, Tempranillo, fruit forward, raspberry, spice Old or Young Manchego, Iberico, Podda Classico, Goat Gouda
Marques de Riscal Proximo Tempranillo, blackberry, plum, licorice, anise Ossau-Iraty, Pena Gorda, Garroxta, Taleggio, Mahon, Cheddar
Ergo Rioja Tangy cherry with fresh fruit acidity, slightly tannic finish Iberico Curado, Manchego, Irish Cheddar, Plain Havarti
Faustino VII Tempranillo, Rioja, Fresh berry, pear, clean finish Young Iberico, Pena Gorda, Manchego, Garroxta
Ugarte Rioja Tempranillo Black cherry, herb, firm tannins Iberico Curado, Queso al Romero, Manchego, Ewephoria
Las Rocas Garnacha Big and hearty, black cherry, black plum, licorice, peppercorn Aged Manchego, Ossau Iraty, Queso con Aceitunas
Alto-Cinco Garnacha Blueberries, red cherries violets, long finish Mahon, Queso al Romero, Aged Manchego, Cave-Aged Gruyere
Sandeman Tawny Porto Vanilla, dried red fruits, wood, elegant finish Bleu des Basques, Roquefort, Stilton, Delft Blue
Sandeman Ruby Porto Red fruits, plums, strawberries, rich and balanced Bleu d’Auvergne, Cantar de Covadonga, Valdeon, Gorgonzola



Basic Profile

Try These Cheeses

Concha y Toro Casillero del Diablo
Pineapple, citrus, vanilla, bright acidity Fresh Chevre, Brie, Cashel Blue, Prarie Breeze Cheddar, Feta
Bodega Adamisque Serbal Viognier Sweet aromas, nice acidity, fresh, honey, passion fruit Cambozola, Capra, Goat Gouda, Irish Cheddar, Young Manchego
Maquis Cabernet Sauvignon Red fruit, spice, medium tannins and acidity Prarie Breeze Cheddar, Mahon, Comte, Vlaskaas, Blue Castello
Concha y Toro Casillero del Diablo
Cherry, blackberry, pepper, spice, earthy, big Beecher’s Flagship, Aged Prima Donna, Barber’s Cheddar
Apaltagua Reserva Carmenere Juicy red and black cherries, smooth tannins, tobacco Nordic Smoked Cheddar, Vlaskaas, Ewephoria
Lopez Noceti 1919 Malbec Inky, plum, ripe red fruit, soft tannins, long finish Emental, Aged Prima Donna, Beemster XO, Mona Lisa
Layer Cake Sea of Stones Dense, ripe black fruit, espresso, dark chocolate, lavender, big Bleu des Basques, Ossau Iraty, Podda Classico, Aged Prima Donna
Chakras Malbec Smooth and supple, black fruit, firm tannins, refreshing acidity, oak Cashel Blue, Iberico, Manchego, Taleggio, Barber’s Cheddar
El Malbec de Ricardo Santos Black cherry, rich, earthy, silky, weighty, big Taleggio, Ewephoria, Aged Manchego, Prarie Breeze Cheddar

Grand Rapids Wine List

Tresor de la Riviere Cotes Du Rhone

This French red is well balanced with generous fruit flavors and soft tannins.  It is a blend of primarily Grenache with some Syrah and Carignan added.  Can stand up well to blue cheeses and pairs great with pastas and red meat.

Richter Zeppelin Riesling

A German treat to be savored with sweet and nutty cheeses like Bella Vitano or Midnight Moon.  Its lively, fruity, and spicy with the perfect amount of floral accents.

Tenuto Curezza Nerosso

A lovely Italian red made of ancient vine grapes of the Puglia region.  It is intense on the nose, full bodied, and massive in character, making it a perfect match for our aged Italian Piave Vecchio, what a great couple.

Kalamazoo Wine List

Our Boutique Wine Selection has a variety of domestic, imported, and local wines.


White Wine Selection:


Rombauer Chardonnay

Bread & Butter Chardonnay

Rodney Strong Chalk Hill Chardonnay

Cosentino The Novelist

The Messenger White Wine

Dr. Loosen Brothers Riseling

Chateau St. Michelle Gewurztaminer

Flore de Moscato by Salt of the Earth 


Antonin Rodet Bourgogne Chardonnay

Joseph Mellot Sancerre

Destinea Sauvignon Blanc

The Furst Pinot Gris

San Angelo Banfi Pinot Grigio

Castellargo Albus White Blend

Tresor de la Riviere Cote du Rhones White

Albarino Nesso

Stefano Farina Moscato di Asti


Red Wine Selection:


Beau Vigne Juliet Cabernet Sauvignon

Chateau Smith Cabernet Sauvignon

Waterbrook Cabernet Sauvignon

Venge Scout’s Honor Zinfandel Blend

Rombauer Zinfandel

Four Vines The Biker Zinfandel

Dunham Cellars Trutina

Benziger Merlot

Columbia Winery Merlot

Grayson Merlot

Domain Chandon Pinot Meunier

August West Pinot Noir

Thomas Fogarty Pinot Noir

Clos Pegase Pinot Noir

Eberle Syrah

Precedent Syrah

True Grit Reserve Petite Syrah

Concannon Crimson & Clover


Imported:  FRANCE

E. Guigal Chateauneuf-du-Pape

E. Guigal Cotes du Rhone

Chateau des Karantes La Clape

Famaey Cahors Malbec

Nicolas Idiart Pinot Noir 

Imported: ITALY

Marchesi Biscardo Valpolicella Ripasso

La Meridiana Barbera d’Asti

Tenuta Curezza Prine Blend

Col di Sasso Toscano Cab. Sauv. & Sangiovese

Imported: OTHER

Trivento Reserve Malbec  (ARGENTINA)

Legado Munoz Tempranillo  (SPAIN)

Nexo Rioja (SPAIN)

The Grinder Pinotage (S. AFRICA)



Sparkling, Ice & Dessert Wine Selection:

Chateau des Karantes vin Liqueur

Phelps Creek Vineyards Vin Dore

Mas Amiel Vintage Blanc

Mas Amiel Vintage

Mas Amiel Cuvee Special 10ans.

Taylor Fladgate Late Bottle Vintage Porto 2003


Michigan Wine Selection:


Tempo Vino Black Raspberry Merlot

Tempo Vino Twilight Time Pinot Noir

Lawton Ridge Winery AZO Red

Lawton Ridge Winery 3


Tempo Vino I’ve Got a Gal in Kalamazoo

Tempo Vino Green Eyes Pinot Grigio

Lawton Ridge Winery Pinot Grigio

Lawton Ridge Winery AZO

Braganini Reserve Mountain Road Riesling