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the cheese lady

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The Cheese Lady sells Fair Trade baskets from Ghana

Making of Bolga Baskets in Ghana


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how she became the cheese lady

“We are Turophiles, Lovers of cheese.”

– Kathleen

Muskegon Shop

our story - Muskegon

In July of 2004 I resigned my real job. I had grown tired of the road. After over 20 years of driving and selling, it was time for a change.

Tongue in cheek I suggested to my husband John, that I go to the Muskegon Farmers' Market and sell cheese. The previous April we had been in Provence, France. I loved the open-air markets more than anything and we spent countless hours wandering and watching the vendors. Because I was in the cheese business, the cheese vendors particularly intrigued me. John encouraged me to try it.  And In less than 3 weeks I had a name, a Department of Agriculture license and a sign. I was The Cheese Lady. I bought $500. worth of cheese from the company I had just left and went to market. I sold out.

I love it at the market. The energy is immense. The market crosses all lines. Market goers are a diverse group in every way except one. Everyone there wants to be there. Both the sellers and the buyers.  

Since I started selling only cheese, I have learned so much. I now have a PASSION to make you love cheese as much as I do. I am a turophile. A lover of cheese.

Cheese is a living, growing thing. A fascinating one. As my friend, Connie, says, "Isn't it incredible what they can do with milk?" Cheese can be salty or sweet. Cheese can be soft or hard. Cheese can be smelly or mild. And it changes character day by day.

My favorite cheeses might not be yours. Your favorite cheeses may not be mine. But in the thousands of cheeses out there we both can find one that makes us smile.

Cheese gives me much pleasure. Part of that pleasure comes from knowing a little more about it every day. And part of the pleasure comes from providing people with a place to buy cheeses that will take them back to another place, another time. Back to sharing cheese and bread with your grandfather. Back to the beautiful markets of Provence. Back to the lovely green hills of Ireland. Sharing cheese. And sharing time with family and friends. It is simple.  

BUT the story continues . . . .

Being approached about franchising was not in our plan.

Natalie St. Louis opened the first Cheese Lady franchise on March 17th of 2011. She is in Texas Township near Kalamazoo and her busines is thriving.

And Heather Zinn in Grand Rapids is the latest franchise.  We expect she will do very well in her near downtown location.

Please see their pages for the rest of their stories.

Grand Rapids Shop

our story - Grand Rapids

Less than one minute drive from the heart of downtown Grand Rapids, The Cheese Lady is located in the Midtown Neighborhood across from Fuller Park and just a few blocks walk north from the Fulton Street Farmers Market. 

Our friendly staff is ready to help you experience more than 90 varieties of cheese.  Our shelves are stocked with specialty goods providing everything necessary for making a great dinner, creating a unique gift basket or sharing in a special celebration.  Explore our selection of wine and beer for the perfect compliment.

We also carry handcrafted pottery, art and woodwork from local artists offering a unique gift for that special person on your list. 

Stop in and say hi, or as we like to say “cheese!”

Kalamazoo Shop

our story - Kalamazoo

Prior to opening the doors on our Texas Township locaion in Kalamazoo, I sold a variety of cheeses at various farmer's markets in the Kalamazoo area.  Utilizing a great resource in the area, The Can Do Kitchen, for budding food entrepreneurs, I was able to prep the cheeses for market every week.  After many successful weekends at Vicksburg, Texas Township, and Bronson Hospital markets, I determined a storefront would soon be in the works.  Using Kathleen (the Original Cheese Lady) as my mentor, I quickly began learning more and more about the world of cheese and developing my passion.  I opened on March 17, 2011.  With such a great response from customers, I immediately acquired the help of my father, Terry, to help me in the store.  His knowledge and passion for cheese is quite expansive as well, and we have been thrilled to share this with our customers.  We hope to see you soon!

“You can’t believe how much cheese I have! New and tried and true.”

– Kathleen

what's on the block?

Blues - all cheese is available for nibbling - Availability varies per store

Big Woods Blue

Big Woods Blue is a full flavor sheep milk blue cheese. It blends spicy notes of a blue with the creaminess of sheep milk for a complex flavor.

Bleu D'Auvergne cheese
Bleu D'Auvergne
Bleu D'Auvergne, from southeastern France is creamier than Roqueforte. Made from raw cow's milk. The terrain near Auvergne is craggy and desolate, better suited to raising sheep than cows. But the region produces enough cow's milk to eke out its small annual production of Bleu d'Auvergne. A great blue crumbled on a tossed salad. You should also try a small piece on a slice of apple for a beautiful, healthy midday snack.
Bleu des Basques Brebis cheese
Bleu des Basques Brebis
An artisan sheep’s milk blue cheese made in the Pyrénées mountains, a region of the French Basque country. Not too far from Roquefort. Unlike many of the Spanish cheeses that have been made for hundreds of years, Bleu des Basque is a newcomer. The grazing sheep give the milk its complexity, subtlety, and lightness. Bleu des Basques has a wonderful earthy spiciness. Pair this cheese with Sauternes or Port.
Blue Castello -

This cheese was made in Muskegon in it's recent past, but it now hails from it's old stomping grounds, Denmark.  The Muskegon facility was closed in a restructuring of the company.

Blue Castello is a distant derivative of Italian Gorgonzola but has a higher fat content and a milder flavor. It is a perfect blue for those who like a little blue flavor without being blown away. A triple creme Blue cheese with a creamy texture that offers an extremely buttery taste. It’s perfect for those who prefer a milder and creamier blue cheese – and it has a rich flavor all its own. Try it paired with a Porter, Stout, or Sauvignon Blanc to bring out the craft flavors of this cheese.

Blue Shropshire cheese
Blue Shropshire
From the same dairies in the 5 counties in England that produce the perfect Stilton comes Blue Shropshire. Blue Shropshire is a full flavoured, un-pressed yellow cheese with distinctive blue veining. A full fat semi-hard cheese with a smooth texture,each Blue Shropshire is made by hand and has an attractive golden russet coat. Cheddary and blue - I love it!
Cambozola cheese, named for features resembling camembert and gorgonzola
A German made, triple-cream, Cambozola is distinctive cheese with delicate blue veining, but is neither blue nor brie. The secret to this cheese’s popularity lies in the rich Bavarian milk used in its production, which lends Cambozola an extraordinary flavor and velvety feel. Cambozola’s name ties this cheese to the history of the Allgäu region: in 300 A.C. there was a settlement in Bavaria called Cambodunum where the art of cheese-making flourished. Thus Cambozola.
Cantar de Covadonga
Covadonga is located just to the West and North of the Picos de Europa, mountain range in the Heart of Asturias; a Northern region in Spain. The original Latin name was “Cova Domenica”, meaning Cave of the Lady. In the course of years, “Cova Domenica” was abbreviated to Covadonga. The place is dedicated to the cult of the Virgin of Covadonga. The region of Asturias is particularly known by its wide range of cheeses, specially the blue ones. Cantar de Covadonga is a blue veined soft cheese made from a blend of meticulously selected cow’s and sheep’s milk.
Cashel Blue cheese
Cashel Blue
In County Tipperary, Ireland, Louis and Jane Grubb in the mid 1980's, developed the first Irish Blue, nurtured and exported by Neal's Yard Dairy. Cashel is made with the milk of the Grubbs' cows, pasteurized, and ripened for two and up to six months. A unique, creamy texture is complemented by a delightful, mild blue tang. The best cheeses are made from April to October when the cows are out to pasture.
Delft Bleu cheese
Delft Bleu
Between Rotterdam and Den Hague, lies Delft, home to fine craftsmanship. Delft Bleu, a cows milk cheese, is rich and creamy with a buttery mellow taste and a clean finish. Delft has a nice underlying sweetness and is not at all salty. Not only is this cheese delicious, the attractive blue veins intermingle in the milky whiteness resembling the lovely blue and white Delftware, as if it were broken and put back together again.
Dunbarton Blue

A hand-crafted open air cured blue with the characteristics of an English Cheddar but slightly and beautifully blue. Made by Roelli in Wisconsin.

Fourme D'Ambert cheese
Fourme D'Ambert
Fourme d'Ambert is known as the "connoisseur's blue cheese". Legend says Fourme d'Ambert was made at the time of the Druids. It is certainly one of the oldest cheeses in France. "Fourme" is the old French word for cheese from the Latin name "forma", and describes its cylindrical shape. Ambert is the town in which it was sold. Fourme d'Ambert is a creamy cheese with a delicate fruitly flavor and mushroom overtones.
Gorgonzola Naturale
The town of Gorgonzola is in the Po river valley in the Lombardy region of Italy. Ironically, however, Gorgonzola cheese is no longer made in its namesake village. Gorgonzola cheese is made from cow's milk (unlike Roquefort, which is a sheep cheese). The veins, blue/green/gray, are Penicillin Glaucum, a spore native to the area that would attach to the ripening curds hanging from nets in local caves. The flavor is strong, but delightful, but may also be called Mountain Gorgonzola. Gorgonzola is one of only three cheeses that qualifies as DOC (Denominazione di Origine Controllata). As such, the sources and processes involved are controlled, and by law Gorgonzola is only produced in a defined area that includes the provinces of Bergamo, Brescia, Como, Cremona, Cuneo, Milan, Novara, Pavia, and Vercelli, and in the zone of Casale Monferrato.
Layers of rich Double Gloucester and Long Clawson’s famous Blue Stilton, this is a unique and outstanding cheese. The creamy taste of Double Gloucester, combined with the crumbly yet creamy bite of the Blue Stilton is a great flavor combination. Served as a “Ploughman’s Lunch,” with pickles, onions and bread, or melted over your favorite steak, it is an experience not to be missed. Whole traditional wheels of Double Gloucester are hand cut into layers, along with layers of Blue Stilton. Each layer is individually molded into the next by hand to produce the whole wheel.
Moody Blue
Made in small batches from fresh, local Wisconsin milk, a rich, creamy blue, delicately smoked over fruit wood to create subtle smoky undertones with hints of roasted nuts and coffee. Beautifully balanced, sultry, and seductive, Moody Blue is excellent on a cheese plate and delicious in culinary applications.
Roquefort, Papillon

To be real Roquefort the cheesemaker must use the unpasteurized milk of Lacaune sheep which graze on rich grass in the heart of France. Also, the curds of this cheese must be blended with penicillin molds made from rye bread baked specially for this purpose. And the wheels must be aged on oak planks in natural limestone caves for an average of 150 days. The resulting cheese is creamy and full-flavoured.

A genuine treat.

Roquefort Societe'

In Roquefort, France, only 7 companies are authorized to make Roquefort cheese. This raw sheep's milk cheese, aged in natural caves, is creamy and crumbly, sharp and salty with impeccable balance.

Shaft's Gold Mine Blue
Shaft’s Bleu Cheese Company started in 1999 when a abandoned mine was transformed, creating the ideal aging environment for blue cheese. The mine once served as a gateway to the gold-rush era and now serves as the unique setting for the development of the wheels of cheese that are to become Shaft’s Bleu. The blue wheels are first created in Wisconsin under the watchful eye of a Master Cheesemaker. The life of a blue cheese begins, the wheels are then shipped to the California mines for aging. The formula used for making Shaft’s Bleu allows for the cheese to be aged 1 year or longer. And in the cave transform into marbled beauties with piquant, full flavor.
Smokey Blue

By Rogue Creamery in Oregon, this blue cheese is handmade and smoked with Oregon hazelnut shells.  It is cave aged at least 90 days.

A long, gentle cold-smoking over shells from Oregon hazelnuts infuses Rogue Creamery’s Smokey Blue cheese with an added layer of rich flavor and terroir. Sweet cream flavors and caramel notes balance earthy flavors of smoke and hints of roasted nuts. The result is a cakey yet smooth blue cheese reminiscent of candied bacon.

Stilton blue cheese
Stilton (Blue)
There are just 6 dairies in the world licensed to make Stilton cheese. Stilton is a “protected name” cheese and by law can only be made in the three counties of Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire. Stilton takes its name from the village of the same name in Cambridgeshire although the cheese has never been made there. Over 1 million Stilton cheeses are made each year. Every cheese is graded before leaving the dairy to ensure only cheese of the highest quality is marketed under the Stilton name. It takes 136 pints milk (78 litres) to make one 17 lb (8kg) Stilton cheese. More than 10% of output is exported to some 40 countries world-wide. White Stilton is also a protected name cheese and is made in a similar way to its blue cousin - except that no mould spores are added and the cheese would be sold at about 4 weeks of age. It is a crumbly, creamy, open textures cheese and is now extensively used as a base for blending with apricot, ginger and citrus or vine fruits to create unique dessert cheeses.
Valdeón Blue cheese
Valdeón Blue
Valdeón is a rich and flavorful but very strong, semi-soft cow and goat milk blue made in Spain's remote Valdeón Valley in the northern region of Asturias. Valdeón is wrapped in Sycamore leaves, giving it a distinctive appearance. I must admit this is my blue of choice. I love it with a little unsalted, French butter and honey from New Zealand.

GOAT CHEESE - all cheese is available for nibbling - Availability varies per store

Balarina Aged Goat Gouda
Balarina aged goat gouda is beautiful and caramel colored. The first time I got it was by mistake, but now I’m hooked. Remember I didn’t like goat cheeses? Not true anymore. This Dutch goat's milk cheese is made in the manner of a traditional farmhouse Gouda. The result is a dry cheese that has a sweet finish. This 2 year old goat gouda from Holland is incredible.
Bucherolle Cheese

Goat cheese and Provence: it is hard to know where to even start describing this magic relationship. Goat cheese is not only seen on every cheese platter at every meal it is seen in salads, sandwiches (toasted or not), pastas and goat cheese may join tomatoes and herbes de Provence to create an energizing omelette. Yes, the rind of the Bucherolle is edible. But there is not étiquette: some never eat the rind, while for others the rind is an essential part of the cheese.

Capra with Honey
Capra With Honey

Capra’s creamy white goat cheese is mild, milky and slightly tart with a citrus tang. It’s perfect for spreading on crackers or crumbling on your favorite salad. The addition of honey tops it off with a sweet, floral finish. From Belgium. Capra produces a range of multi award-winning, certified organic goat cheeses on their family farm in East Gippsland. All of their cheeses are free of preservatives and are made using vegetarian, non-GMO rennet.

A French goat log. A log of creamy white goat milk, mild, milky and slightly tart and citrusy. This can be used as you would cream cheese. Semi-fresh, semi- spreadable.
Chevre Noir
Chevre Noir
Truly a rewarding cheddar type made with pasteurized goat milk in Quebec, Canada. Aged 12+ months, it is firm, a hint of crystallization, slight caramel taste, rich, creamy, and nutty flavor. Such a nice composition. A must try.
Ekte Geitost
Ekte Geitost
ENUINE GEITOST, the unique speciality made from 100% goat’s whey. Naturally sweet and with a high mineral content, it is used in Norway as a sweet topping for bread.
Garrotxa de Muntanyola
Garrotxa de Muntanyola
Named after La Garrotxa county in the Catalonia province of Spain. Pronounced "gar-ROACH-uh." Under earlier dictatorship this cheese had disappeared because cheese makes were forced to produce large volumes of milk for large cheese. Many Spanish Artisanal cheese disappeared. In 1982 this cheese was revived in 1982. It has the tang typical of goat's milk cheeses, but without the goaty taste.It has a greyish-blue, velvety mound on the rind. Most people don't eat the rind. Some like it, though, saying that to them it tastes similar to Brie mould.
A product of Norway, Gjetost is made from a mixture of cow and goat's milk. It has an unusual, sweet flavor due to the way in which it is processed. The milk is cooked until the sugars in it have caramelized, giving the cheese its distinctive brown color and sweet flavor. The milk is then curded and pressed.
Humboldt Fog
Humboldt Fog
From California, Humboldt Fog is an elegant, soft, surface ripened cheese. The texture is creamy and luscious with a subtle tangy flavor. Each handcrafted wheel features a ribbon of edible vegetable ash along its center and a coating of ash under its exterior to give it a distinctive, cake-like appearance. An American Original!
La Tur

From the great wine region of Piemonte, Italy comes La Tur: a dense, creamy blend of pasteurized cow, goat and sheep milk. Runny and oozing around the perimeter with a moist, cakey, palette-coating paste, its flavor is earthy and full, with a lingering lactic tang.  A mixed milk cheese from Italy.  This is a surface ripened creamy cheese that looks like a cupcake.  Tangy, nutty, milky, earthy, and smooth!

Mattawan Artisan Creamery Chevre

Fresh, mild goat cheese made locally in Mattawan, MI.  Made only in spring and summer, taste the freshness of the goat's milk!  Soft, spreadable, creamy, with a mild tang.  Try on your favorite salad or with fresh fruit.   Kalamazoo store only.

Mattawan Artisan Creamery Feta

Fresh goat feta made locally in Mattawan, MI.  Mild, salty, and tangy,

with a firm texture.  Kalamazoo store only.


Sid Cook's whimsically delicious take on the famous French cheese, Morbier. This version features a layer of sheep milk cheese and a layer of goat milk cheese separated by a layer of grape vine ash and pressed together. The flavor is both delicate and rustic. Taste each layer separately and then together for three different flavor profiles in one great cheese. Serve with a Chenin Blanc or a Reisling. Mobay has won many awards over the years and is a judges favorite! Most recently took a Silver Medal at the 2011 World Cheese Awards.


Not available at the Muskegon store.

Murcia al Vino Goat Cheese
Murcia al Vino
(Another brand is Drunken Goat)The Murcian goat gives the milk necessary for producing this exquisite Spanish cheese. This pasteurized, goats’ milk cheese is washed twice in red wine. The cheese is creamy, smooth and very white and the wine-washed red rind add color and flavor. You won’t be disappointed.
Pena Gorda

Fat Chance.

Potato Chip Goat Gouda
Potato Chip Goat Gouda
Named after the Van Dijk‘s daughter, Dorothea, world famous chef Cas Spijkars created a potato chip goat cheese to win the annual Dutch award for "Most Unusual Food" in 1993. For years, chef's from all around Holland competed to create what chef Cas Spijkars has accomplished, a recipe that incorporates its countries most traditional culinary ingredient of potato skins, basil oil, coriander oil and chopped onion into its country’s most popular goat cheese. He then ages the cheese for more then 60 days in which during this process he adjusts the temperature and humidity every few days to give it its nutty flavor, light creamy-colored and firm body. Being that this is such a exquisite cheese only 4,000 of these cheeses are produced a year.
Spanish Goat Feta
Spanish Goat Feta
Spanish Goat Feta Tins Pure goat's milk Feta cheese, elaborated with the best milk of goats from Andalusia's mountains. Creamy, with a very fine and clean goat's milk feta flavor.
Snow White Goat Cheddar
Snow White Goat Cheddar
A creamy white Goat Cheddar Cheese made in 38# wheels and cave aged for 6 months. The flavor is deep and complex with pleasant earthy notes. Took 2nd Place at the 2007 American Cheese Society Competition and 2008 "Best in Show" at the American Cheese Society Competition.
Reny  Picot Goat Gouda
Reny Picot Goat Gouda
Made in Michigan. Lovely, semi-soft and the best. Goat Gouda is a sweet-curd, renneted cheese from partly skim or whole milk. The cheese has a sweet, mild, buttery flavor with a hint of tanginess at the finish.

COWS MILK - all cheese is available for nibbling - Availability varies per store

Appenzeller cow's milk cheese wheel

Appenzeller cheese is a hard cow's-milk cheese produced in the Appenzell region of northeast Switzerland.

It has a documented history of at least 700 years.

Today, about 75 dairies produce it, each with a different recipe

for their brine wash. Most of the recipes are trade secrets.

An herbal brine, sometimes incorporating wine or cider, is applied to the wheels of cheese while they cure, which flavors and preserves the cheese while promoting the formation of a rind. The cheese is straw-colored, with tiny holes and a golden rind. It has a strong smell and a nutty or fruity flavor, which can range from mild to tangy, depending on how long it is aged.

Armenian String Cheese
Armenian String Cheese

In Armenia, traditional string cheese includes black cumin(scientific name Nigella Sativa)and a Middle Eastern spice known as mahleb, and it comes in the form of an endless loop. The cheese forms strings because of the way it is pulled during processing. Other cheeses are only cut and pressed, not pulled, and don't develop strings.

Asiago with Basil
Asiago with Basil
Basil is a symbol of love in present-day Italy, and its sweet romance with savory Asiago is a timeless match. At least six months of careful aging prepares the Asiago wheels to be hand-rubbed with basil and extra-virgin olive oil for a flavor that is both unique and award winning. We invite you to live vicariously through this passionate union.
Asiago with Rosemary
Heralded as the “dew of the sea,” Rosmarinus officinalis provides the perfect savory high note for this rich, nutty and fruity taste sensation. A gold-medal winner of the 2008 World Championship Cheese Contest, this extraordinary delight wears its laurels as lightly as the perfect balance of hand-rubbed rosemary and Italian olive oil.
Barber's Vintage Cheddar block
Barber's Vintage Cheddar 1833

“We have been making cheese on our farm in Ditcheat, Somerset for six generations. Made using traditional starter cultures, rich milk from our cows, and always matured for at least 24 months, Barber's 1833 Vintage Reserve Cheddar is the culmination of all our achievements. A deliciously creamy cheese with both savoury and naturally sweet notes. Only the very best leaves with the 1833 stamp.”

Beemster XO Dutch Cheese
Beemster XO
“Beemster X-O- is matured for 26 months making it Beemster's oldest cheese. Many people see 3-5 year old cheeses in stores and ask us why we do not make an older product. Once you have tasted Beemster X-O- you will see the answer is quite simple. As a cheese matures the flavors one tastes in the cheese expands. As this process happens moisture also exits the cheese, thus leaving the cheese tasting crumbly and granular in one's mouth. Because of Beemster's unique milk, X-O- is able to obtain one of the widest flavor ranges possible in only 26 months and still retains its smooth and creamy taste. Beemster X-O- is wonderful with port wines, as well as sweet whites, such as a Riesling. X-O- can also be grated and used as a wonderful alternative to Parmesan for pastas.”
BellaVitano Gold
Inspired by a traditional Italian farmstead cheese, Bella Vitano Gold combines the fruity flavor of a premium Parmesan with the creamy smoothness of fine Cheddar. It won a Gold Medal at the 2008 World Cheese Awards.
Bellwether Farms Crème Fraîche
Bellwether Farms Crème Fraîche
This classic, French-style cultured cream has a rich, nutty flavor with an appealing tart edge. A basic pantry item in French kitchens, it is an ingredient used by fine cooks in many cuisines. Pour over fruit, whip into soups, stir into sauces. Créme Fraîche never curdles while cooking.
Black Mountain
Black Mountain

Taking its name from the spectacular mountain range in South Wales where it is produced, Black Mountain is a combination of matured Welsh cheddar, white wine, garlic and herbs. With a wonderfully balanced flavour, Black Mountain compliments any food or eating occasion.

BellaVitano Espresso
BellaVitano with Espresso
Espresso BellaVitano is one of the award-winning cheeses in the Sartori Reserve product line. This gourmet cheese is a delicious treat for your breakfast or dessert. Freshly roasted espresso is hand-rubbed into sweet, sugary BellaVitano wheels aged to creamy perfection. The cheese received a Silver Medal in the 2010 World Cheese Awards and a 3rd place in the 2011 American Cheese Society Competition. It pairs well with Pinot Noir, Shiraz, Merlot and Chardonnay or with your fruit beers, stout, Porter beer, Trappist style ale or Barley wine. Food pairings are also multiple, how about chocolate, dried fruit, sweet pastries, honey.
Blueberry Stilton
This particularly attractive cheese blends the fresh mildness of creamy white stilton with the delicate flavor of whole blueberries. Sweet, delicious, great dessert style cheese.
Big Russ Premium Beer Cheese
Big Russ Premium Beer Cheese
Beer cheese is a Kentucky favorite and was first served in the 1940s at a restaurant in Clark County. Big Russ's family-recipe mixes southern, spicy flavor cues along with award-winning Wisconsin cheeses. Most varieties start with sharp cheddar. Then, beer is added to provide flavor and texture, as well as garlic and other spices. And now, one of Kentucky's best kept secrets is finally coming to a store near you.

Boerenkaas is made in Holland on small family farms from May until October while the herd is in the fields eating fresh grass.

Boerenkaas or Farmers Gouda is sweet annd smooth,

with a natural depth of flavour due to it's raw milk nature.

That depth is what sets it apart from its mass-produced counterparts.

Brick Cheese
Brick Cheese
“What is real Brick cheese anyway?” Brick is an American original. It was “invented” in 1877 by John Jossi, a Swiss-born American cheese maker. As Mr. Jossi created it, Brick cheese is firmly in the tradition of the great washed rind cheeses of Europe. Its flavor is enhanced during ripping of the bacterium linens, the same pleasantly pungent bacterial action that contributes to the flavor of the classic French cheeses like Pont I’Eveque, St. Nectaire, Reblochon and Livarot. Real Brick has a heady aroma and modestly full flavor that will almost assuredly keep Brick from ever being the most popular cheese in town.
Brun-uusto is the newest cheese from Brunkow Cheese of Wisconsin. The expert Wisconsin cheesemakers at Brunkow have translated Brun-uusto into an authentic version of Juustalepia, a specialty cheese with Finnish and Swedish origins. The name Juustalepia (HOOstah-lee-pah) is Finnish, and translates as “bread cheese,” an apt description since Brun-uusto’s appearance and aroma is similar to toasted bread. Its characteristic sweet caramel crust is produced through a slow baking process. Brun-uusto’s unique flavor is most pronounced when served warm. It can be heated in the oven, microwaved or grilled.
Cream Cheese
Cream Cheese
Spread the delicious! New Premium Vermont Cream Cheese is made from the same first-quality New England milk and cream as all of Cabot's award-winning cheeses. One taste of this thick and rich spread on your breakfast toast or a mid-afternoon cracker will make it your new, and all-time, favorite.
Canadian Cheddar
Canadian Cheddar
As a cheddar matures, its fats and proteins undergo biochemical changes that produce flavor compounds. So the older the cheese gets, the sharper, or more intense, it is likely to be. Old Quebec Vintage Cheddar an extra-sharp cow's milk cheddar (aged at least three years), with a smooth texture, a full-bodied flavor and a tangy finish. Serve with a ripe pear, a piece of apple pie, a burger or grill it between two slices of crusty bread. Also terrific on its own with a nice Cabernet or Syrah, a fruity red wine.
Cantalet is one of France’s oldest cheeses. Dated back to when the Romans colonized the area over 2000 years ago. It is produced in the Auvergne Valley of France. Cantalet is a firm moist, mild but buttery flavored cow's milk cheese. Serving Suggestions: Cut into salads with walnuts,serve with pears, apples or grapes, great melted in sandwiches. Light, fruity red or white wine will compliment.
Cave-Aged Gruyere
Cave-Aged Gruyere
From Switzerland, this raw, cow’s milk cheese is cave-aged for over a year. As the cheese ages, the potassium lactate crystallizes, as do the natural minerals, giving a light crunchy texture to go with the deep nutty taste. It is full-flavored, almost sharp, and dense. The wheels are 80#. The cheese is rich and delicious. Makes the best grilled cheese sandwich, ever!
Cheddar with Carmelized Onion

Made in Wales by the same Abergavenny Foods that make Black Mountain, Red Dragon and Harlech.  This is an English cheddar with carmelized onion.  Creamy, sweet, and full of flavor.  Try on a burger or in your eggs.


Available in Kalamazoo, Muskegon

Comte' Gruyere
Comte' Gruyere
Comte (com-TAY) is made from raw cow’s milk in the Franche-Comte region just west of the Swiss border. Strict regulations govern where and how it is made,and even a wheel made according to the rules may be denied the Comte label if it fails the required taste test. A large cheese, weighing in at about 80 pounds, Comte is a long-keeping cheese that got mountain people through the winter in times past. Comte is never too salty, sharp, acidic or harsh. Use Comte in your potato and other vegetable gratins or in a French onion soup.
Cotswold, also a region in Southwestern England, is made by blending chives and spring onions into Double Gloucester. The Cotswold cheese is also just called 'Double Gloucester with Chives' or 'Pub Cheese'. The orange cheese is colored similarly to a Cotswold stone.
Cranberry Wensleydale cheese
Cranberry Wensleydale
This English cheese has been produced in the town of Hawes in Wensleydale, North Yorkshire, England for hundreds of years. There are several varieties of this creamy and crumbly cow's milk cheese and this is one of the favorites, especially during the holidays.
Délice de   Bourgogne
Délice de Bourgogne
This decadent triple-cream cheese is incredibly rich, full-flavored with a smooth, melt-in-the-mouth texture. The rind is yellowish-white with a soft, chalky-like dust and a remarkable aroma. The aroma can be quite pungent but it is an interesting contrast with the buttery-sweet texture and subtle taste. Délice de Bourgogne is a sumptuous cheese.
Wheel of Double Cream Gouda
Double Cream Gouda
Also known as Roomkaas, Double Creme Gouda is known as one of the most creamy and mellow cheeses made in Holland. In the controlled conditions of small cheese-making factories, every cheese is painstakingly prepared, treated and aged.
Emmentaler is the classic “Swiss” cheese, a creamy cheese with deep holes and pockmarks which has been made in Switzerland for centuries. Emmentaler has a protected origin designation so that the integrity of true Swiss Emmentaler can be maintained, by requiring that cheese labeled Emmentaler meet a stringent set of requirements. Emmentaler is a brined cheese, which gives the cheese a slightly salty flavor and a strong rind. The wheels of cheese, when finished, often weigh upwards of 150 pounds (70 kilograms), and are carefully monitored to ensure that the cheese is of the high quality associated with Emmentaler cheese. As the grandfather of all Swiss type cheeses, Emmentaler is revered by many consumers, and is well worth the additional cost at the market.
Boursin knock off. Garlic cream cheese. Good for crackers or recipes.
Farmers' Cheese
Farmer cheese (also farmer's cheese or farmers' cheese) refers most often to an unripened cheese made by adding rennet and bacterial starter to coagulate and acidify milk. Farmer cheese may be made from the milk of cows, sheep or goats, with each giving its own texture and flavor. During coagulation the mixture separates into curds (solid) and whey (liquid), then the whey is drained off.[1] Further pressing out of the moisture yields the malleable solid results of pot cheese, whilst even more pressing makes farmer cheese, which is solid, dry and crumbly. There are many kinds of farmer cheese worldwide.
Fontina Fontal
Fontina Fontal
Usually found in most homes in Northern Italy, this younger and milder Fontina is a perfect melting cheese. The Lady likes to use it in mac n cheese to make the cheese sauce creamier. Sometimes when melted, cheddars have a tendency to separate and adding this style Fontina, prevents the separation in the sauce. Plus it tastes delish and brings a sweet, nutty taste too the dish.
French Raclette Cheese
French Raclette
The world's most famous melting cheese, Raclette is made in the Alps on both sides of the French-Swiss border. Eaten as a table cheese, Raclette has a smooth, creamy taste that is neither too salty nor sharp but has a pungent aroma that is not for the timid. An herbal brine, sometimes incorporating wine or cider, is applied to the wheels of cheese while they cure, which flavors and preserves the cheese while promoting the formation of a rind. The cheese is straw-colored, with tiny holes and a golden rind. It has a strong smell and a nutty or fruity flavor, which can range from mild to tangy, depending on how long it is aged.
Fresh Mozzarella cheese
Fresh Mozzarella
The term, mozzarella is used for several kinds of Italian cheeses that are made using spinning and then cutting (hence the name, as the Italian verb mozzare means "to cut"):
Fromager d'Affinois
Fromager d'Affinois
Fromager d'Affinois (fro-mah-ZHAY dah-fee-NWAH) from France is a brie style cheese that is unparalleled for it’s creamy paste. Fromager d’Affinois has a pea-pod taste, fresh and smooth and perfect!!! Don’t bake this one!
Gouda with Basil and Garlic
Gouda with Basil and Garlic
This creamy smooth cheese has been delicately seasoned with basil and garlic. The slightly higher fat content gives the cheese a richer flavor and creamier texture. It’s a gouda style cheese, so it is easy to melt, grate or slice. Great on bagels and in omelets.
Gouda with Black Peppercorns
Gouda with Black Peppercorns
This mild creamy Gouda with black peppercorns offers a taste nice balance. It’s a versatile cheese with a unique and interesting flavor profile. It’s a good cheese to use in salads, sandwiches and omelettes.
Grafton Cheddar 2 Year


Grafton Maple-Smoked Vermont Cheddar

Grafton artisan cheese makers take already-aged Cheddar and smoke it over a smoldering maple-wood fire food a cheese so memorable, you'll want to serve it at every meal. Its deliciously versatile!

Havarti cheese
A semi-soft Danish cow's milk cheese. It is a table cheese that can be sliced, grilled, or melted. In 1952 Havarti cheese was named after the Havarthigaard, where the owner, Hanne Nielsen developed modern cheesemaking in Danish agriculture during the last half of the 19th century. Available Plain or with Dill, Jalapeno, or Herb & Spice.
Harlech cheese
Harlech, which takes its name from the famous Welsh Warriors of the Middle Ages, is a blend of Welsh Cheddar with chopped horseradish and parsley, coated in an orange wax. Harlech has a unique character with a smooth texture that successfully blends the intense flavour of horseradish and the fresh parsley taste.
Irish Cheddar
Irish Cheddar
County Tipperary of Ireland is the idyllic setting for the production of delicious Tipperary Irish Cheddar. Tipperary Cheese, aged over twelve months, has a rich creamy texture, which just melts in your mouth. It has a delicious sharp taste, which satisfies the appetite for a snack whether on a cracker or a slice of bread. The rich yellow color in Tipperary Cheddar comes about as a result of plentiful Beta Carotene in the milk, which develops in the rich, fertile grasses that feed the cattle.
Kurpianka Smoked Cheese
Kurpianka is a Polish smoked cow's milk cheese with a touch of garlic. A herbaceous palate pleaser with a springy texture that melts in your mouth. Yum.
La Tur

From the great wine region of Piemonte, Italy comes La Tur: a dense, creamy blend of pasteurized cow, goat and sheep milk. Runny and oozing around the perimeter with a moist, cakey, palette-coating paste, its flavor is earthy and full, with a lingering lactic tang.  A mixed milk cheese from Italy.  This is a surface ripened creamy cheese that looks like a cupcake.  Tangy, nutty, milky, earthy, and smooth!

Le Roule
Le Roule
A rolled cheese that looks like a jelly roll, Le Roulé is made with cow's milk and is easily spreadable. The herbs and garlic flavoured cheese makes a great appetizer. Made in France without rennet, suitable for vegetarians.
Lemon Stilton
Lemon Stilton
One of Clawson's first true dessert cheeses, Lemon Zest has become a favourite, combining the mildness of White Stilton with the zing of lemon. White Stilton is also a protected name cheese and is made in a similar way to its blue cousin – except that no mould spores are added and the cheese would be sold at about 4 weeks of age. It is a crumbly, creamy, open textures cheese and is now extensively used as a base for blending with apricot, ginger and citrus or vine fruits to create unique dessert cheeses. Tastes like lemon cheesecake. I love serving a small piece with fresh berries.
Made with pasteurized cow’s milk, Leyden has a firm composition. The addition of cumin seeds (responsible for its tangy flavor and spicy aroma) distinguish it from other Dutch cheeses. With its flavorful cumin seeds, this cheese makes a memorable lunch or appetizer platter. Serve slices of Leyden with cold-cuts, spicy-sweet honey mustard and a good dark bread such as rye or pumpernickel. These can be served warm or cold and topped with slices of ripe tomato and parsley or fresh arugula. Serve with Rieslings or try it with Clay Avenue Pear Wine. It’s also great with German or Belgian beer.
Liederkranz is an American re-creation of Limburger cheese, made subtly different by the use of a different bacterial culture for smear-ripening. Liederkranz is a cow's milk cheese, with an edible pale yellow-orange tan crust, and a semisoft, pale interior with a mildly pungent flavor and distinct aroma that could become unpleasantly ammonia-like if aged incorrectly. Liederkranz was created in 1891 by Emil Frey (1867–1951), a young Swiss cheesemaker in Monroe, New York, who created Velveeta there in 1923. Frey named the cheese after a local singing society, a Liederkranz Club ("singing circle"), perhaps the famous one in New York, or perhaps really just on a whim for its Germanic sound.
Limburger is a stinky cow's milk cheese that originated in Limburg. Today, that area is known as Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands. The majority of Limburg cheese in production today is made in Germany. To watch Limburg cheese mature burger is soft, spreadable and pungent. Lovers of Limburger are truly special people with a unique palate and a hunger for the unexpected. A popular preparation of Limburger cheese is the Limburger sandwich; Rye bread, spread with cheese and toped off with a large slice of onion. If you're looking for a wine pairing, stop. Limburger cheese will overpower just about any wine you try with it. Enjoy your stinky snack with a hearty beer or an intense cup of coffee.
Madrigal Swiss
Madrigal Swiss
This French Swiss cheese is made from pasteurized cows’ milk for a delicious sweet and nutty taste. Not real “Swissy”. Its golden color and large eyes make this Swiss a market special. It slices, dices and melts easily! Top burgers, slice on sandwiches. Perfect.
Mahon, Aged
Mahon, Aged
Like its younger version from Menorca, Spain, aged Mahon has an even fuller flavour. The cheddary nuances are more pronounced and the sea saltiness a little addictive. This is my favorite "pocket" cheese. Take it with you wherever you go!
Mahon, Young
Mahon, Young
Menorca produces enough cheese to make Mahon Spain's second most popular cheese next to Manchego. A 100% cow's milk cheese, ripened in underground caves for at least 60 days, Mahon has a bold, magnificent flavor. Almost cheddary, the slightly sea-salty unique cheese is a must try for any cheeselover and an absolute necessity for the true connoisseur. A true, bright orange favorite of mine!!!
Mango Ginger Stilton
Mango Ginger Stilton
White Stilton is made in the same way as blue Stilton except that the blue mould is not added to the vat at the making stage. White Stilton has a fresh, milky flavour with a beautiful creamy background. Ideal with fruit or crumbled onto salads or melted onto toast. Mango-ginger Stilton has become increasingly popular – for some it is an ideal snack for others the perfect end to a meal, combining both the cheese and dessert course in one.
Marieke Gouda with Feonegreek
Marieke Gouda with Feonegreek
Marieke Gouda Foenegreek is a unique flavored cheese. The seed Foenegreek gives the cheese a nut tasting but a maple syrup smell, a flavor hard to forget! Made in Wisconsin. Artisan. Raw cow's milk. Clean. Pairs well with a fruity white wine, like white burgundy or chardonnay or in reds you could go for a fuller, fruiter wine, like cabernet.
In 1990, BelGioioso became the first American company to manufacture this fresh Italian cheese in the United States. We now offer three types of Mascarpone for various applications. Our classic version is a naturally sweet, yet suprisingly light cheese (1/2 the calories of butter) produced only from the freshest cream. Its soft, creamy texture spreads with ease and blends well with other ingredients.
Meadowkaas is only available for three months in the spring, when the Dutch cows wander out of their winter barns to happily graze on the green grasses of Northern Holland. The fresh milk is high in cream content - over 50%. It serves as an excellent grating cheese. Try on toasted baguettes or on top of potatoes au gratin. Pair with a lager beer.
Mimolette Jeune Cheese
Mimolette Jeune
The name Mimolette is derived from the term half-soft. Mimolette dates back to the reign of Louis XIV, who prohibited the import of Dutch cheeses into France. The residents of Flanders could either smuggle in the contraband cheeses or try to produce their own And so, Mimolette was born.
Mona Lisa gouda cheese
Mona Lisa
Holland's Mona Lisa is a magnificent gouda. It has been aged about eighteen months and has the flavor to prove it. Rich caramel, a little sweet, a little salty. It has a nice balance of flavor.
Mushroom Brie cheese
Mushroom Brie
From Germany, a spectacular brie flavored with wild mushrooms. Earthy and sweet. Enjoy. Kostlich. Delicious.
Parmigiano Reggiano
Parmigiano Reggiano
Parmigiano Reggiano is made from raw cow's milk. Only milk produced between May 1 and November 11 is used in producing the true Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese,the only additive allowed is salt which the cheese absorbs while being submerged for 20 days in brine tanks saturated to near total salinity with Mediterranean sea salt. The product is aged an average of two years. True Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese has a complex fruity/nutty taste with a slightly gritty texture.
Persian Fetta
Persian Fetta
Persian Fetta is a silky textured cows milk fetta marinated in extra virgin olive oil, garlic and herbs. It is made by Yarra Valley in Austrailia Persian Fetta is a fabulous cheese, Serve in a small bowl alongside your favourite mature cheeses and you will have an interesting addition to your cheese board. Drizzle Persian Fetta over any salad dish whether it be rocket and lettuce or lentil based. Try it with caramelised vegetable, or serve a little on a richly flavoured fish such as trout. On its own it makes a great pasta sauce or add it to pureed spinach for ravioli. Grate a little parmesan on the top to finish the dish. Your imagination is the only limit to ways you can serve Persian Fetta. The herb infused oil is a fine ingredient in itself so when you have eaten the cheese, use the oil for a delicious dressing on your salads.
Piave Vecchio
Piave Vecchio
Piave Vecchio or Old Piave is made from the pasteurized cow's milk. The cheese is made by a cooperative in the Piave River Valley region of Belluno, Italy in 15-pound wheels with the name impressed in the rind. This gourmet cheese has been aged for about 12 months and has a dense texture and butterscotch aroma and flavor that resembles a young Parmigiano Regiano.
Pleasant Ridge Reserve
Pleasant Ridge Reserve
Pleasant Ridge Reserve is the most aged (at least 15 months) of the Pleasant Ridge styles. One of Wisconsin's most awarded cheeses, Pleasant Ridge is the only cheese to have won the coveted Best of Show Award from the American Cheese Society three times. A raw milk cheese, it is made from the milk of a single herd, fed and managed using natural "Old World," hand-crafted practices. Made of raw milk from a single herd of cows rotationally grazed. Firm texture and a nutty/grassy flavor. Similar to French Beaufort. Firm toward the exterior, Pleasant Ridge becomes creamier and milkier at the center. As the cheese ages, its flavor becomes more complex and concentrated It has a musty and mushroom flavor that is rather strong in aroma without being too stinky. Pleasant Ridge Reserve is usually eaten as a table cheese, excellent as an appetizer or a dessert cheese. Eating it at room temperature brings out the full depth & complexity of its flavors. Wait at least 45 minutes after taking it out of the refrigerator before serving. Pleasant Ridge Reserve is an excellent cooking cheese. Similar to French Gruyères, it is superb in soups, fondues, gratins & omelets. Pairs well with Beaujolais, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Muscato, and Riesling.
Poet's Tomme

Made by Evergreen Lane Creamery in Fennville, MI this cow's milk cheeses is washed with the Poet Stout from New Holland Brewery and has a nutty, earthy, mildly sharp flavor. Try it alongside The Poet Stout for a perfect pairing. Tastes great melted too!


Available in Kalamazoo

Prairie Breeze Cheddar cheese
Prairie Breeze Cheddar
Prairie Breeze is a sweet continental cheddar-style cheese that is loved by all. Made on small farms, the cows are hand-milked by Mennonite Amish in Iowa. Dry with pleasant nutty tones and crystal crunches; a great cheese for snacking and sandwiches. Vegetarian rennet.
Prima Donna the Younger
Prima Donna the Younger
Prima Donna Blue or Young from the Netherlands. Nutty flavor, very sweet, smooth and creamy. Farm-made in 30-pound wheels, this is one of the rare Dutch cheeses that is not a Gouda (though it IS reminiscent of a Gouda.) Made with skimmed cow’s milk (and thus slightly lower in fat than some cheeses), Prima Donna nonetheless melts in the mouth.
Prima Donna Aged
Prima Donna Aged
Prima Donna Red or Aged from the Netherlands. It has much in common taste-wise with the aged gouda (actually pronounced how- da) from the same region. The cheese really has a sweet butterscotch-like flavor that is emboldened thanks to the little crystals (crystallized enzymes) contained within. This is a wonderful snacking or stand-alone cheese thanks to its melt-in-your-mouthability. A farmers market favorite!
Provolone Piccante
Provolone Piccante
Provolone Piccante is sharp; it's made using goat or lamb's rennet, and is aged for up to a year. It's much drier than the Dolce and sharper; though some people will serve it at the close of a meal many prefer to use it as an ingredient. Forms of Provolone piccante can reach 200 pounds (the elongate shapes).
Provolone Dolce
Provolone Dolce
Provolone Dolce is mild; it's made using calf's rennet, and is aged at the most for 3 months. As one might expect it's delicate, and has a creamy milky taste.
Quickes Double Gloucester
Quickes Double Gloucester
It is unusual to find a Double Gloucester that has been produced using traditional methods. This product is made using vegetarian rennet. The Quicke family have been farming at Home Farm- near the village of Newton St. Cyres in the South West of England- for over 450 years. 25 years ago Sir John Quicke and his wife Prue built the dairy where Sir John's daughter Mary continues to produce outstanding cheeses today.
Red Dragon cheese
Red Dragon
Named after the dragon symbol on the Welsh flag, Red Dragon is a blend of Welsh cheddar cheese, wholegrain mustard seeds, and Welsh ale. Coated in a bright red wax. Made in Abergavenny, Wales.
Reny Picout Smoked Gouda quarter wheel of cheese
Reny Picout Smoked Gouda
Real smoked gouda, not smoke flavored. From Benton Harbor, Michigan. This cow's milk gouda is not overly smoked, smooth and delicious.
Roelli's Red Rock

Roelli’s Red Rock is a handcrafted Wisconsin original.  It’s richly colored with a bloomy rind, making it a beautiful option for cheese trays.  Made from cow’s milk and shelf cured in the Roelli Family Cellars. 

Roomano Pradera cheese
Roomano Pradera
This Dutch gouda-like cheese is “flavor dense”. This cow's milk cheese's flavor is sweet, salty and butterscotch-y. You'll need a heavy knife to breach this rewarding fortress of cheese.
Rosso di Langa
Rosso di Langa
A washed-rind, mixed-milk Robiola. The use of annatto (a natural vegetable dye) to brush the cheese produces a milder character with a hint of mushrooms. A gentler, stronger cheese.
Saint Angel cheese
Saint Angel
Saint Angel is a triple cream cheese made from pasteurized cow's milk collected in Massif du Pilat. This cheese is square with a bloomy rind and smooth creamy inside. Made by the D'Affinois group, it has an ultra silky, smooth, and creamy texture which is a result of the ultra filtration process known in D'Affinois cheeses.
Sap Sago
Sap Sago
Sap Sago Cheese is a 100% natural cheese with a deliciously distinctive flavor. The hard, low-fat, pungent, grating cheese has a history that dates back to 1463 from the mountains of Canton Glarus in Switzerland. Also known as Swiss Schabziger®, this unique grating cheese is still manufactured with the same recipe from a thousand years ago. It uses skimmed cow's milk mixed with aromatic blue fenugreek, which makes it so healthy and gives it its characteristic aroma and and attractive green herb color. Swiss Schabziger® comes packaged in a 3-ounce cone. Its uses are endless -- grate it over boiled or baked potatoes, noodles, pasta, pizza, soups and salads and even over apple and cherry pies. The Swiss often mix Sap Sago in equal parts with butter for a very tasty spread for fresh breads. This almost fat-free cheese is for the more adventuresome. It keeps almost indefinitely at room temperature (however, we keep it under refrigeration) and you'll find that a little goes a long way. Imported from Switzerland.
Schweizer Gold cheese
Schweizer Gold
Schweizer Gold is a savory, rich cheese made with raw mountain milk that brings forward grassy characteristics of nutty umami with a sweet cream finish. An Alpine classic made in NE Switzerland.
Taleggio cheese
A washed rind and smear-ripened Italian cheese that is named after Val Taleggio. The cheese has a strong aroma, but its flavour is comparatively mild with an unusual fruity tang. Its crust is thin.
Trugole cheese
A cow’s, milk semi-soft cheese from the Piedmont region in Italy.  Like Asiago in texture, appearance and flavor, “Trugole” is the name of the pasture where the cows graze.
Vella Dry Jack

Made like fresh Monterey Jack and further aged for 7 to 10 months.  Firm, pale yellow with a sweet, nutty flavor.  This cheese is great for grating, shredding, slicing, cooking, or just plain eating.  This is a true American Original, from California.  Originally made as a substitute for parmesan.

Bravo Farms Chiphotle Cheddar

The Original Chipotle Cheddar, and the only Artisan version made from raw milk and aged over 60 days. Flavored with just the right touch of Chipotles, a naturally smoked jalapeno, which ensures our cheddar flavor isn't overpowered. Absolutely All Natural and made with raw milk. No artificial hormones, lactose intolerant safe and vegetarian approved. 100% handmade in California!


Sweet & creamy taste. Historically, Vlaskaas was made only once a year to celebrate the Flax Harvest. Its creamy sweetness is loved by children and cheese connoisseurs. In 2004 the Vlaskaas recipe was discovered and recreated by Beemster. Since then Vlaskaas has won golden medals around the world and is now made year-round. Gold-medal winner; its creamy sweetness appeals to all palates. Pairs nicely with beers and white wines.


SHEEPS MILK - all cheese is available for nibbling - Availability varies per store

Ewephoria cheese
Ewephoria is a new cheese made on a small Dutch farm near a nature preserve in Holland. A pasteurized sheep's milk gouda, Ewephoria, is sweet and butterscotchy. I love it. Perfect for dessert.
Greek Feta
Thessaly, Greece: Free-ranging herds of sheep and goats graze on over two dozen grasses and wild herbs. Fresh sheep and goat's milk, collected daily by the shepherd's, is brought to the dairy each morning.Cheese is made in the traditional manner in a modern, clean dairy by master cheesemakers. Feta is aged for four months in seasoned birch barrels and cellared at 55° and 85 percent humidity.
Iberico Curado (aged)
Iberico Curado (aged)
Queso Iberico is a cheese that comes from Central Spain. It is a hard cheese made from the mixture of cow's, sheep's & goat's milk, that is why the flavour has elements of all three. Sometimes Queso Iberico is mistaken for Manchego. The affinage usually takes from one to six months. According to its texture, it ranks among hard cheeses. It is a table cheese but could be perfectly used for grating and grilling.
Iberico, Young
Iberico, Young

Iberico is made with a blend of pasteurized milk from cows, goats and sheep. The combination of these three milks varies from season to season based on the weather and the breeding patterns of the goats and sheep. However the following minimum guidelines are strictly adhered to by the producing dairies. The blend minimums are: cow milk 50%, goat milk 30% and sheep milk 10% In general the cows’ milk provides the flavor and acidity while the goats’ milk provides the slightly tart flavor and the whiter color and the sheep milk adds the richness and buttery consistency due to its higher fat content. With that said, the fact is that the higher the content of the sheep’s’ milk the better the cheese. Iberico's flavor is herbaceous with a very mild goat tang that blends with the buttery sheep milk to produce a very comforting flavor and aroma. The interior paste has a light yellow white to slight beige color and a mild sheepy aroma. Once the aging 2 month process ends the cheeses are covered with a plastic outer rind that is inedible. This rind is similar in appearance to the one that covers the popular Manchego.

Kasseri is the melting cheese of Greece. Kasseri is made only in the months when the milk is creamy and sweet, making the cheese consistently rich. After the curd is warmed, it is hand stretched and kneaded and then put into special molds. The cheese rounds are placed in special aging rooms for 6 months. The flavor continues to develop and improve even after it has been packed. Mt. Vikos Kasseri is made from fresh milk of free-ranging sheep and goats. The texture of the cheese is firm and creamy and the flavor is rich and buttery. Kasseri is a fine table cheese, and excellent when melted in sandwiches, omelets, pizza, and casseroles, grated onto vegetables and/or pasta.
Lamb Chopper

Born to be mild, this sheep milk cheese is buttery with a long, complex finish. An enchanting table or cooking cheese. Made in Europe exclusively for Cypress Grove Chèvre.

La Tur

From the great wine region of Piemonte, Italy comes La Tur: a dense, creamy blend of pasteurized cow, goat and sheep milk. Runny and oozing around the perimeter with a moist, cakey, palette-coating paste, its flavor is earthy and full, with a lingering lactic tang.  A mixed milk cheese from Italy.  This is a surface ripened creamy cheese that looks like a cupcake.  Tangy, nutty, milky, earthy, and smooth!

Young Manchego cheese aged three months
Manchego (3 Month)
Manchego cheese is a sheep's milk cheese made in the La Mancha region of Spain. Manchego is aged for 3 months or longer, and is a semi-firm cheese with a rich golden colour and small holes. It ranges from mild to sharp, depending on how long it is aged. Manchego cheese is protected by its Denominación de Origen. This controls its production, ensures the exclusive use of milk only from the Manchega sheep, and dictates an aging period (in natural caves) of a minimum of two months. The 3 month cheese is creamy and rich. Try it with the quince paste. Note: sheep’s milk cheeses are often requested as alternatives for those who cannot process cow’s milk lactose. It's worth asking your doctor about eating.
Manchego cheese aged twelve months
Manchego (12 Month)

Manchego cheese is a sheep's milk cheese made in the La Mancha region of Spain. A semi-firm cheese with a rich golden colour and small holes. It ranges from mild to sharp, depending on how long it is aged. Manchego cheese is protected by its Denominación de Origen. This controls its production, ensures the exclusive use of milk only from the Manchega sheep, and dictates an aging period (in natural caves) of a minimum of two months. The 12 month cheese is full-flavored, nutty. I encourage you to try it with quince paste or an allfruit jam. Delicious.

Manchego (Raw)
Manchego (Raw)
A genuine cheese from the La Mancha region, this artisan Manchego originates on small Spanish hillsides where La Mancha sheep flocks graze. The small-scale, artisan production of this Manchego by Dehesa de los Llanos yields an exquisite cheese that is hand-formed, wrapped, and salted over a 24 hour period. Dry cured for one year in an eighteenth century cave, this Manchego has a robust flavor reminiscent of the Mancha countryside. Enjoy it as the locals do - served before the meal, topped with a spot of membrillo (Spanish quince paste). Also lovely when dipped in honey.
Myzithra is a Greek sheep’s milk cheese that has a delicious nutty flavor. It is made from the whey versus the curds. Perfect with browned butter noodles.
Traditional pasteurized sheep cheese made in the Basque Pyrenees in southwest France. Aged 6 months with a natural rind. Earthy and smooth, this cheese makes a great addition to any cheese tray. Among the world's oldest and most Heavenly cheeses, it's as good today as it was 4000 years ago.
Pecorino Toscano Fresco (young)
Until recently, the name Pecorino Toscano could be given to any cheese made in Tuscany with any amount of sheep's milk. The name is now reserved for 100% sheep's milk cheese made only between September and June. Tuscan pecorini are usually smaller and milder than other sheep's milk cheeses. Our Pecorino Fresco is aged merely 20 to 30 days. It is mild, sweet and melt-in-your-mouth smooth with just a hint of saltiness.
Pecorino Toscano Stagionato
Pecorino Toscano Stagionato is a semi-hard cheese from Tuscany that is fragrant and unpasteurized. It is made only from sheep’s milk and produced between September and June. The cheese ranges from white to pale yellow with age. Pecorino Toscano is made by collecting sheep’s milk, adding rennet and heating. Eventually it is pressed into molds, salted and aged in a cool, dry place for up to four months. Fresh Pecorino Toscano is mild and creamy with hints of walnut, while aged this Pecorino) is firmer with a sharper taste.
Pecorino Romano
Pecorino Romano Locatelli

Dating back to ancient Roman times, Pecorino Romano is one of the world's oldest recorded cheeses. Pecorino is an Italian word meaning from sheep's milk, and Romano indicates that this cheese is of Roman descent. All Pecorino Romano is made in either Lazio, Tuscany, or Sardinia during the months between November and June. These three regions have very similar pastures and breeds of sheep, ensuring consistent flavor and quality. Pecorino Romano is a name protected (DOC) cheese; its production overseen by the Consorzio per la Tulela del Formaggio Pecorino Romano. There are numerous Pecorinos made throughout Italy, but only one Pecorino Romano. Perhaps the most famous brand for Pecorino Romano in the U.S. is Locatelli. Aged for a minimum of nine months, this cheese is hard and dense; strong and sharp in flavor. It is pale yellow in color, with a black paper rind bearing the name Locatelli. Grate this cheese and serve it over pasta, soups, and salads. As a dessert, serve it chunked, drizzled with honey, and paired with ripe pears.

Podda Classico
Podda Classico

A wonderful pasteurized cow and sheeps’ milk cheese from the glorious island of Sardinia. Aged for almost one year this cheese has a wonderful sweet, nutty flavor, a crumbly slightly crunchy texture, and a lingering tangy finish. A favorite.

Romeo Queso al Romero cheese
Romeo Queso al Romero

A Spanish cheese made in the style of the Dénomination de Origin (D.O.) cheese, Manchego. It is produced in the La Mancha in Central Spain from 100% sheep's milk, ghe rosemary and olive oil on the rind of the cheese impart a wonderful flavor into the cheese. As delicious as it is beautiful.

Tronchon, Raw Milk
Traditional semi-soft cheese from the province of Castellón made from sheep’s or goat’s milk. This uniquely volcano-shaped cheese is beautiful and delicious. It has a subtle flavor, fruity, rich and developed with the aroma of butter and hay, not sharp with a natural rind with color of butter and a springy texture. It goes great with green Spanish olives, salads, fruit trays, membrillo (quince paste) and a fruity red wine.
Valbreso French Feta
Valbreso French Feta

Valbreso Feta comes from the rugged plateaus surrounding the Mediterranean Sea in the south of France. It is one of the wildest and most spectacular regions of France. Valbreso Feta is made with the same sheep’s milk used for one of the great wonders of the cheese world – Roquefort. No wonder it tastes so rich!


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Almondina Cookies
Almondina Cookies

The delicious cookie without the guilt™ - this is the cookie that made them famous and it is still their #1 bestseller. Based on Grandma Dina's original secret recipe that she called Petit Gateau Sec, she begin with top quality almonds, plump raisins, and a blend of other natural flavors, then cook this to a perfect crispness. Delicious. Crunchy. All-natural. No Cholesterol. 

We love them with the triple-cremes or the brie!

Bremner Tins
A sturdy tin of the perfect cracker for cheese.
Crimble's Cheese Bites
Crimble's Cheese Bites
These award-winning Cheese Bites are great tasting snacks. All the boring old wheat flour is replaced with real cheese (which makes up a whopping 48% of the ingredients) and they are baked rather than fried. They are a great example of gluten-free products being an improvement - not a compromise. Crimble's Cheese Bites won the 2009 'Free From' Award for the best tasting Savoury Snack and Biscuit.
Crunchy Crust Everything Crackers
Crunchy Crust Everything Crackers

Crunchy Crust. These great tasting crackers have a variety of toppings that include wheat, seeds, garlic and spices for an anytime snack. They can be used in a variety of ways and are as versatile as your imagination.  

Effie's Oatcakes

PAIRINGS: Effie's Oatcakes are great by themselves, but they're also wonderful when paired with other specialty foods. Here are some of our favorites: Sharp Cheddar or Stilton Cheese, tea, chocolate, jJams.

FUN FACTS: Oats - An Ancient Food Staple Brought To The New World By Early Settlers.

Grissini Stirati Breadsticks
Grissini Stirati Breadsticks

These are long, thin, toasty, buttery breadsticks imported from Turin, Italy. Can be enjoyed alone, with butter or olive oil for dipping, or with prosciutto and cheese as a first course. What’s more hospitable than providing a simple, tasty pre-dinner treat for your guests to enjoy with cocktails? Cucina Viva Grissini are an easy way to add a touch of authentic Italian charm to any cheese basket.

Ines Rosales Tortas
Ines Rosales Tortas

In 1910 a woman named Ines Rosales started to make olive oil tortas (tortas de Aceite) by hand and sold them at the train station in Sevilla. Soon she could not keep up with the demand, so she employed the women of the local village to assist her in producing these delicate and crisp treats. She used local ingredients including extra virgin olive oil. In a short time this Andalucian specialty became known and enjoyed throughout Spain. Today the tradition continues. Ines Rosales Sweet Olive Oil tortas and almond tortas are still made by hand with the same recipe Ines Rosales created almost 100 years earlier. Women from the local village are still employed to hand-flatten and hand-wrap the tortas that are made in small batches. These Anise Dessert Crisps may remind you of the pie crust cookies your Mom made when she was trimming her pie before putting it in the oven. Those were generally sprinkled with cinnamon sugar, but the classic Ines Rosales ones have a few anise seeds sprinkled on top of a healthy tart made with olive oil.

La Panzanella
La Panzanella

Flatbread made form natural ingredients and an original Italian recipe. Original, Rosemary, Sesame, Black Pepper

Lentil Cracker
Lentil Cracker

Discover all natural Mediterranean Baked™ Lentil Crackers – your gluten free choice for great snacking! These crackers are baked with all natural ingredients and protein rich lentils for a uniquely healthy and tasty snack cracker. A staple since ancient times, lentils are among the world’s healthiest foods and are high in protein, iron, vitamin B1 and essential minerals for a healthy diet. This gluten-free Lentil Crackers provide a rustic taste you’ll love in a low fat, healthier snack.

Multi-seed Crackers
Multi-seed Crackers

All Natural 100% Whole Grain Cholesterol Free Certified Gluten Free Sugar Free Vegan/Dairy Free

Rice Crackers
Rice Crackers

Known in Japan as Rice Sembei, rice-based crackers are the most traditional - and popular - of Japanese snacks. KA•ME Rice Crackers are all-natural, gluten-free and subtly seasoned with traditional Asian flavors and contemporary spices. Original Rice Crackers can be enjoyed on their own, or served with cheese or dips.

Tiny Toasts
Tiny Toasts

The Petits Toasts are the ideal way to enjoy Provençal foods anytime of day. In the morning, spread a little butter and Provençal jam: breakfast is ready! How about a platter of these jam toasts to share in the middle of the table when treating guests to breakfast? At noon, spread a little cheese and a slice of raw tomato for a lunch snack. In the evening, the petits toasts are fantastic for classic bite-size appetizers. See how the flavor of salmon comes through after that crunchy bite. Or how about a layer of tapenade followed with a layer of bucherolle goat cheese... topped off with a sip of red wine?

Urban Oven Crackers
Urban Oven Crackers

Urban Oven thinks a cracker should be perfectly crisp, surprisingly sturdy and most importantly, utterly delicious. These crackers paired with the right cheese are a taste sensation. Partnered with an olive tapenade or creamy artichoke dip, a delight to behold. Enjoyed by themselves, a snack like no other. We think you'll agree Urban Oven has created the ultimate cracker.

Water Wheel Wafer Crackers
Water Wheel Wafer Crackers

Fine Wafer Crackers. Great with cheese, dips, paté and antipasto. Water Wheel Fine Wafer Crackers are unique. Unlike traditional water crackers, Water wheels have a fine ‘melt in your mouth’ wafer texture with a subtle taste that does not overpower the flavours of your favourite toppings. Enjoy Water wheels crackers with cheese, paté or dips and as a great accompaniment to your antipasto selection. Water Wheel crackers taste so good they can even be eaten on their own.



Whipped Honey
Amish Whipped Honey comes in a variety of flavors. Great texture and flavor! Try it on your goat cheese, scones, muffins, fresh fruit, or biscuits.
Whipped Honey
Amish Whipped Honey comes in a variety of flavors. Great texture and flavor! Try it on your goat cheese, scones, muffins, fresh fruit, or biscuits.
Herbes de Provence
Herbes de Provence
A mixture of dried herbs typical of Provence
Mrs. Dog's Disappearing Mustard
Mrs. Dog's Disappearing Mustard
"Curiously sweet, hot & spicy!" Everyone's favorite. This sweet, hot & spicy mustard is the perfect accompaniment for sandwiches, potato salads, deviled eggs or shellfish. It's a great dip for pretzels and vegetables, and a great addition to salad dressings. Tarragon vinegars give this product a uniquely pleasing flavor!
Mrs. Dog's Jamaican Jerk
Mrs. Dog's Jamaican Jerk
The exotic taste and magic of Jamaica! Using Scotch Bonnet peppers and other indigenous Caribbean spices, Mrs. Dog has bottled her favorite recipe for jerk sauce. Mrs. Dog's Jamaican Jerk is an ideal, fat-free marinade for your favorite meat, game, seafood or poultry. Each jar contains enough jerk for 24 pounds of meat. Add to burgers, soups, dips, omelets & veggies. 'Jerking' is uniquely Jamaican; a tradition begun by the Arawak Indians centuries ago to flavor and preserve meat that was slowly cooked over a pimento wood fire. Jerked foods become very tender and virtually explode with heat & flavor.
Mitica Honey
Mitica Honey
Fabrizio’s family has been tending bees and collecting honey as a hobby for over 20 years. They take the bees around Italy to collect the best nectar possible from the different plants and flowers. Their passion converted to revenue accidentally as his friends kept wanting to sell his raw, unfiltered honey and we are excited to share it in the U.S. Lavender honey has a wonderful creaminess that coats your mouth with citrus and floral notes. It is especially delicious when paired with fresh cheeses or lighter blues.
Rata Honey from New Zealand
Rata Honey from New Zealand
Creamed honey from the Rata flower in New Zealand. A subtle yet distinctive flavor, considered to be one of the best honeys ever made.
Semelbauer Farms Bosc Pear Preserves
Semelbauer Farms Bosc Pear Preserves
Local pear jam from Semelbauer Farms located in Montague, Michigan.


Lush Nuts
Lush Nuts are handcrafted in small batches to ensure the highest quality. There are only 3 ingredients in the recipe: peanuts, a bit of cane sugar, and the highest quality spices. They never use artificial ingredients or preservatives. Lush Nuts are made using a process that gives them a great crunch and depth of flavor. Lush Nuts are unlike any other coated nut you have ever tasted and come in unique flavors like Hot Curry and Coffee! We hope you enjoy them as much as we do. Handcrafted in Kalamazoo! Available in Kalamazoo store.
Dried Cranberries
Dried Cranberries
They are popular in trail mix, salads, and breads, with cereals or eaten on their own. Of course we love them with cheese.
Marcona Almonds
Marcona Almonds
Marcona Almonds are sometimes referred to as the "Queen of Almonds" and all of the production is from Spain. They are sweeter, fatter and rounder than the typical California variety. In Spain, they are usually blanched and then quickly sautéed in fresh extra virgin olive oil. When toasty brown, they are tossed with sea salt and served as a delicious snack.
Mission Figs
The Mission fig is a high quality fig variety. An excellent accompaniment to almost any cheese.
Orange Balsamic Pecans
Orange Balsamic Pecans
These crispy pecans are mostly sweet with a hint of sour and a complex orange aroma that makes your mouth water.
Pine Nuts
Pine Nuts
Pine nuts have been eaten in Europe and Asia since the Paleolithic period. They are frequently added to meat, fish, salads and vegetable dishes or baked into bread. They are an essential ingredient in Italian pesto.



Molinari Salametti
Molinari Salametti


open salts
open salts

Collectors love them!



  • Flavoured Olive Oil
  • Basil
  • Fused Blood Orange
  • Butter
  • Chipotle
  • Cilantro & Roasted Onion
  • Garlic
  • Gremolata
  • Harissa
  • Fused Lemon
  • Persian Lime
  • Herbes de Provence
  • Sage & Wild Mushrooms
  • Tunisian Harissa
  • Tuscan Herb


  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Arbequina
  • Arbosana
  • Barnea Early Harvest
  • Frantoio
  • F-17
  • Picual
  • Sweet Hojiblanca


  • Dark Balsamic Condimento
  • up to 18 year Aged Balsamic Condimento
  • Black Cherry
  • Black Currant
  • Wild Blueberry
  • Cinnamon Pear
  • Dark Chocolate
  • Fig
  • Lavender
  • Maple
  • Pomegranate
  • Raspberry
  • Strawberry
  • Tangerine
  • Tahitian Vanilla
  • Violet


  • White Balsamic Condimento
  • Traditional 1 year
  • Alfoos Mango
  • Coconut
  • Cranberry Pear
  • Ripe Peach
  • Honey Ginger
  • Grapefruit
  • Jalepeno
  • Sicilian Lemon
  • Pineapple


  • Specialty Oils & Vinegars
  • White Truffle Oil
  • Black Truffle Oil 
  • Dark Toasted Sesame Oil
  • French Roasted Walnut Oil
  • Roasted Almond Oil
  • Sherry Reserva Vinegar
  • Honey Vinegar * note this is the only BALSAMIC style vinegar that does not contain grapes * no sulfites  *made from honey 



Franco Serra 

Barbera d’Alba

Region: Barbera d’Alba DOC, Italy

Grape Variety: 100% Barbera


Ruby red color. Sweet spice, chocolate and red fruit aromas with hints of tobacco. Raspberry, strawberry flavors, medium bodied, light tannins and well

balanced acidity.

Serving Suggestions:

A very food friendly wine. A great match for dishes made with tomato sauce; pasta and pizza. Also excellent with cured meats and cheeses.

  • wine feature photo march 2013Tresor de la Riviere Cotes Du Rhone – This French red is well balanced with generous fruit flavors and soft tannins.  It is a blend of primarily Grenache with some Syrah and Carignan added.  Can stand up well to blue cheeses and pairs great with pastas and red meat.
  • Richter Zeppelin Riesling is a German treat to be savored with sweet and nutty cheeses like Bella Vitano or Midnight Moon.  Its lively, fruity, and spicy with the perfect amount of floral accents. 
  • Tenuto Curezza Nerosso is a lovely Italian red made of ancient vine grapes of the Puglia region.  It is intense on the nose, full bodied, and massive in character, making it a perfect match for our aged Italian Piave Vecchio, what a great couple.


Our Boutique Wine Selection has a varietyof domestic, imported, and local wines.   

White Wine Selection:

Domestic:  Rombauer Chardonnay 2012

                  Bread & Butter Chardonnay 2011

                  Airfield Estates Chardonnay                           

Imported:  Castellargo Albus White Blend

                  Destinea Sauvignon Blanc

                  The Furst Pinot Gris

                  Joseph Mellott Sancerre 2012

                  San Angelo Banfi Pinot Grigio 2011

                  Lion's Lair Family Reserve White 2011


Red Wine Selection:

Domestic:  Beau Vigne Juliet Cab. Sauv. 2010

                  Fall Line Cab. Sauv. 2010

                  Chateau Smith Cab. Sauv. 2011

                  Waterbrook Cab. Sauv. 2011

                  Venge Scout's Honor Zin Blend 2011

                  Rombauer Zinfandel 2011

                  Four Vines The Biker Zinfandel 2009

                  Rabbit Ridge Zinfandel 2011

                  Dunham Cellars Trutina 2010                         

                  Benziger Merlot 2007, 2008

                  Airfield Estates Merlot 2010

                  Grayson Merlot 2012

                  August West Pinot Noir - 2011

                  Thomas Fogarty Pinot Noir 2010

                  Eberle Syrah 2011

                  Precedent Syrah 2007                        

                  Concannon Crimson & Clover 2010

                  Field Stone Convivio Red Blend 2009

        Imported:  FRANCE

                   E. Guigal Chateauneuf-du-Pape 2007

                   Chateau des Karantes La Clape 2010

                   Famaey Cahors Malbec 2008

                   Antonin Rodet Chateau de Mercey Pino Noir 2010

                   E. Guigal Cotes du Rhone 2010

                   Chateau La Lauzette Bordeaux 2009


                   Marchesi Biscardo Valpolicella 2010

                   La Meridiana Barbera d'Asti 2009

                   Tenuta Curezza Prine Blend 2011

                   Col di Sasso Toscano Cab. Sauv. & Sangiovese

                   SOUTH AFRICA

                   Barista Pinotage 2012

                   Lion's Lair Family Reserve Red 2011


                   Trivento Reserve Malbec 2012 (ARGENTINA)

                   Legado Munoz Tempranillo 2012 (SPAIN)

                   Echeverria Reserva Syrah 2010 (CHILE)


Sparkling, Ice & Dessert Wine Selection:

        Stefano Farina Moscato d'Asti 2012

        Chateau de la Roulerie Rose d'Anjou

        Chateau de Karantes Vin de Liqueur

        The Furst Cremant de Alsace Blanc de Blancs

        The Chook Sparkling Shiraz

        Jardin en Fleurs Vouvray Brut

        Ornella Molon Prosecco


Michigan Wine Selection:

        The Cheese Lady 2nd Year Select Chardonnay

        Tempo Vino Black Raspberry Merlot

        Tempo Vino I've Got a Gal in Kalamazoo White

        Tempo Vino Pinot Noir

        Tempo Vino Moon Love Moscato

        Lawton Ridge Late Harvest Vignoles

        Cody Kresta Cabernet Sauvignon Rose

        Cody Kresta Kresta Azure

        Cody Kresta Mystique White

        Cody Kresta Seyval Blanc

        Braganini Cabernet Franc

        Gill's Pier Royce White Blend

        St. Julian Reserve Late Harvest Riesling

        Up North Riesling

        Leelanau Cellars Fruit Wines (Cherry, Cranberry, Raspberry)


we'll come to you

“It's an old-fashioned deli way to shop”

– Kathleen


Cheese catering.

A new concept for some.

Here at The Cheese Lady we find ourselves at many, many parties and get-togethers every week.

Cheese is a simple yet classy way to get everyone together.  And when I say that we are at many parties . . . I may be exaggerating a little . . . for always the cheese takes center stage.  And many times we've simply made it easy for someone who is entertaining to set out all the cheeses with the appropriate accompaniments.  Though sometimes we are hired to set up, serve and clean up afterwards.

Talk to us about serving cheese.  

We have lots of ideas and we'd love to be part of your next get-together.


the gift of cheese


All baskets, trays or bags will include cheese identification signs & tips on serving cheese.
Let us know if you need tissue, overwrap and a gift tag.

$25 Gift Box

Includes: Cheese Lady paper box or gift bag, tissue, ribbon. Three cheeses approximately 1/4 pound each*. Dried fruit, nuts and crackers.

$50 Gift Box

Includes: small Cheese Lady wooden box (round or wine), tissue, clear wrap and ribbon. Four cheeses approximately 1/4 pound each*. Nuts, crackers, gourmet fruit spread, stainless steel spreader.

$65 Gift Box

Includes: medium Cheese Lady wooden box (round or wine), tissue, clear wrap and ribbon. Four cheeses approximately 1/4 pound each*. Nuts, crackers, gourmet fruit spread, gourmet salami, stainless steel spreader. Bottle wine or non-alcoholic imported beverage.


* Gift cards are available at all locations and also may be substituted for cheese in any gift basket.


Don't see what you're looking for? Customized gifts are always available. Just ask!

Any of these formats can be changed to meet your special wishes.

  • Add more cheeses or crackers
  • Add wine or sparkling lemonade
  • Add chocolate mice and cheese
  • Add a cheese book or cocktail napkins
  • Add extra virgin olive oil & balsamic vinegar
  • Add a cheese board

We can include your own extra special personal items in the basket (i.e. homemade cookies, coffee, ornaments, or branded items). Edible gifts are appreciated and enjoyed by all.

cooking with cheese

"Sharing cheese is a simple way to spend time together."

– Kathleen

cheese recipes from around the world


Chef Sue Dow's Peppadew & Chevre Bites

Goat Cheese Dip

Mascarpone Torte

Potted Cheese Spread with Crackers


Bruschetta Fresca


Broccoli and Bleu Cheese Soup

White Cheddar Cheese Soup

Main Dishes

Basil and Balsamic Pork Scallops

Boursin-Stuffed Chicken

Side Dishes

Artichoke and Sundried Tomato Salad

Broccoli Fantasia (Fabulous Broccoli)

Crème Fraiche Biscuits

Dried Tomatoes With Goat Cheese

Irish Cheddar and Potato Gratin

Mushroom Business

Potato Gratin With Boursin

Sun Dried Tomato Butter


Manchego - Balsamic Roasted Pears with Pepper and Honey

Pumpkin-Goat Cheese Cheesecake


Kathleen Fagan Riegler

Kathleen Fagan Riegler

As I think about the last 8 years, I am so grateful.  I began this journey without expectations and have seen a dream happen that I didn't even know I had.  The cheese business is a fun one.  All we have to do is get you to taste it!  Fresh cut cheese has all the wonderful tastes and smells that you might read about . . .and the possibilities.


Downtown Muskegon is our home.  We thrive here.  We are a destination spot and proud to be part of the reinventing of our city.


Thank you

Kathleen Fagan Riegler

Grand Rapids

Heather Zinn

Heather Zinn

I like to say that I got into this amazing cheese business because I was fortuitously in the right place at the right time.  I became a regular customer at the original Cheese Lady store while working in Muskegon.  One day the man in front of me said “oh no, you go ahead – I just came from the Kalamazoo store”, my jaw dropped and it felt like I was struck by lightning.  I asked John if they were considering more stores, and if the Grand Rapids market would be an option and he said “possibly”. A few meetings later we were on our way to bringing the Cheese Lady to Grand Rapids.  With the help of Kathleen and John, my love and partner Craig, and my right hand gal Susie, we opened on October 11th, 2012 – just about 10 weeks after the birth of our baby Amelia Joy. 

My love and passion for cheese increases every day.  There is so much to learn, so many stories behind all of these wonderful cheeses.  It’s an absolute joy to share this world of cheese with all of our friends, neighbors and you!


Natalie Fuller

Natalie Fuller

Natalie started selling her domestic and imported cheeses as “Say Cheese!” at local farmers markets in the summer of 2011. After a successful market season, and a great deal of training and mentoring from Kathleen, she decided to open up shop in Texas Corners in Kalamazoo on March 17, 2011. 


The Muskegon Shop

Come Visit Kathleen in Muskegon

Life moves quickly around the shop in Muskegon.  Between the cheese cutting, the oil pouring, the filling of the shelves and the easy comraderie, there is never a dull moment.  Visit us soon.

The Cheese Lady goes to Italy

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“Selling cheese gives me much pleasure.”

– Kathleen


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Grand Rapids

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